I-95 Gas Price Update: Friday, May 31, 2013

I-95 Gas Price UpdateHeading into the weekend, gas prices along the northern half of I-95 (Maine to Maryland) have risen slightly over the past week, while prices along the southern half (Virginia to Florida) have dropped a penny or two. The northern segment of I-95 is reporting prices in the $3.45 to $3.65 a gallon range, while prices along the southern segment of I-95 are generally in the $3.30 to $3.45 a gallon range. Connecticut remains the state with the highest gas prices along I-95. Bridgeport is reporting $3.81 a gallon for regular unleaded. The lowest gas prices are now in Virginia (Emporia: $3.35, Ashland: $3.35, and Richmond: $3.39) and South Carolina (Manning: $3.26, Santee: $3.27, and Walterboro: $3.27).

Listed below are the average posted gas prices as of Friday, May 31, 2013 for unleaded regular gas at selected I-95 exit cities.

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Houlton, ME : $3.69/gal Springfield, VA : $3.59/gal
Bangor, ME : $3.56/gal Dumfries, VA : $3.60/gal
Augusta, ME : $3.56/gal Fredericksburg, VA : $3.50/gal
Portland, ME : $3.57/gal Ashland, VA : $3.35/gal
Portsmouth, NH : $3.58/gal Richmond, VA : $3.39/gal
Seabrook, NH : $3.57/gal Petersburg, VA : $3.40/gal
Danvers, MA : $3.58/gal Emporia, VA : $3.35/gal
Dedham, MA : $3.59/gal Roanoke Rapids, NC : $3.39/gal
Mansfield, MA : $3.59/gal Wilson, NC : $3.41/gal
Attleboro, MA : $3.62/gal Selma, NC : $3.39/gal
Pawtucket, RI : $3.61/gal Fayetteville, NC : $3.35/gal
Providence, RI : $3.57/gal Lumberton, NC : $3.37/gal
Warwick, RI : $3.60/gal Rowland, NC : $3.33/gal
Wyoming, RI : $3.66/gal Dillon, SC : $3.36/gal
New London, CT : $3.80/gal Florence, SC : $3.28/gal
New Haven, CT : $3.81/gal Manning, SC : $3.26/gal
Bridgeport, CT : $3.81/gal Santee, SC : $3.27/gal
Greenwich, CT : $3.68/gal Walterboro, SC : $3.27/gal
Rye, NY : $3.77/gal Savannah, GA : $3.42/gal
New Rochelle, NY : $3.75/gal Richmond Hill, GA : $3.39/gal
Bronx, NY : $3.65/gal Darien, GA : $3.37/gal
Secaucus, NJ : $3.68/gal Brunswick, GA : $3.39/gal
Woodbridge, NJ : $3.56/gal Woodbine, GA : $3.43/gal
East Brunswick, NJ : $3.49/gal Kingsland, GA : $3.45/gal
Bordentown, NJ : $3.49/gal Yulee, FL : $3.43/gal
Cherry Hill, NJ : $3.56/gal Jacksonville, FL : $3.45/gal
Penns Grove, NJ : $3.57/gal Saint Augustine, FL : $3.47/gal
Wilmington, DE : $3.54/gal Palm Coast, FL : $3.48/gal
Newark, DE : $3.50/gal Daytona Beach, FL : $3.45/gal
Elkton, MD : $3.53/gal Orlando, FL : $3.41/gal
Perryville, MD : $3.47/gal Cocoa, FL : $3.39/gal
Aberdeen, MD : $3.47/gal Palm Bay, FL : $3.47/gal
White Marsh, MD : $3.51/gal Fort Pierce, FL : $3.52/gal
Baltimore, MD : $3.55/gal Cape Coral, FL : $3.53/gal
Greenbelt, MD : $3.55/gal West Palm Beach, FL : $3.56/gal
District Heights, MD : $3.58/gal Miami, FL : $3.54/gal

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