Lane and Ramp Closures on Southbound I-275 in Florida Thursday Night

TAMPA — Two of three lanes will be closed on southbound I-275 between downtown (Ashley Drive) and North Boulevard (east of Howard/Armenia avenues, Exit 42) from 11:30 p.m. Thursday (December 20) to 5:00 a.m. Friday (December 21).

During the same hours, the entrance ramps to southbound I-275 from Tampa/Kay streets and Ashley Drive will be closed.

DETOURS: Traffic on Tampa/Kay streets will be directed south on Tampa Street, turn right and go west on Tyler Street, merge onto Cass Street and continue west to North Boulevard, turn right onto North Boulevard to Cypress Street, turn left onto Cypress Street and go west to Howard Avenue, turn right and go north on Howard, then turn left and use the entrance ramp at Armenia Avenue under the interstate. Ashley Drive traffic will follow the same detour, beginning by turning left onto Tyler Street.

Motorists should be alert to several changes when the ramps reopen Friday morning. Tampa Street/Kay Street traffic will need to yield to Ashley Drive traffic on the ramps before entering southbound I-275. Also, once traffic from these ramps have merged into one, there will be a shorter distance to merge into the southbound I-275 mainline traffic than exists today. These changes are expected to somewhat improve traffic flow on southbound I-275 during construction.

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